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After Bruce PR works with independent filmmakers, community minded organizations, and socially conscious businesses to elevate voices, influence audiences, and impact the most pressing issues we face.
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Indie Caucus

Independent Filmmakers
About This Project

Indie Caucus is a national, independent group of filmmakers who believe in the public mission of public media.  It is dedicated to strengthening our collective voice both within and outside of the public media system.

As a group, Indie Caucus keeps tabs on events related to indies and public media, and can quickly activate the national community when a crisis arises.  Indie Caucus aims to be a voice that represents independent filmmakers to broadcast, programming and funding partners in public media.

Members of the Indie Caucus Steering Committee are independent producers who meet regularly, who can intervene behind the scenes, and who are pledged to activate their networks when a large outcry and action is needed.